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How Outsourcing Marketing Can Be a Benefit

Is your business one of the many experiencing a staffing shortage? Are your employees tasked to their maximum? Is business booming or are you looking for it to be? More than likely, you’ve answered “yes” to at least one of the aforementioned inquiries, if not all of them.

If part of your in-house team is charged with tackling marketing your business, you may want to give some serious consideration to working with an outside firm (like us!) locally to shift the responsibility. Here are just a few benefits to consider…

  • Local agencies understand local markets. The agency already has its pulse on the unique qualities of the area and what consumers like and dislike. They can utilize keywords and phrases a national firm would not be quick to pick up on. They may even already know about your specific business and your competitors.
  • They can aid in building a local network. Looking to work with other local businesses with compatible missions? A local marketing team can help. They might be able to advise on sponsorships that could be advantageous for you and better negotiate packages being directly familiar persons in charge. They may also be able to score you a deal on a marketing package by partnering you with other local businesses buying into a campaign.
  • Individual Attention. When you intentionally look to work with a small, local firm, you can bank on receiving more personal attention than you would if you hired a national entity. You’ll likely meet – and perhaps even work directly with – the owner themselves. You’ll be better able to schedule in-person meetings with those in charge of your brand and the two parties will surely benefit from getting to know each other better.
  • A Connection with Local Media. Your local marketing agency likely works with the local media – think newspapers, magazines, TV news, even podcasters – far more often than a national firm would. And most often, local media looks to cover local markets. It’s a win-win.
  • Cost Savings. Let’s face it, local marketing firms are almost always able to offer more competitive rates. Think keeping your marketing in house is the most cost-effective choice? Remember: retaining employees means paying taxes and offering benefits. An outside firm is paid on a contractual basis. You may even be able to negotiate your terms. The local firm will already be equipped with all of the equipment and technology it needs to get whatever job you need tackled.

Interested? We’d love to help tackle your marketing tasks. Let’s chat! Reach out to us at 610.223.7102 or online at socialclovermarketing.com.


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