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Social Clover Marketing

Social Media Marketing Experts in Reading PA


Create. Discover. Innovate. Inspire… all through the wonders of social media!

Have you ever pondered over the fact that your “target market” is sitting right at your fingertips?

You, yes you, have access to all your potential, and existing customers through your small business’s social media sites!

In this blog, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to properly market your small business on social media.

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

Whether it’s the famous blue bird or the bitten apple, you won’t need us helping you figure out what famous companies we’re talking about. Many times, you don’t need a lot of words for others to remember your business by. A simple, yet effective logo will do! Create a custom, meaningful logo which identifies your brand in posts, videos, blogs, and on your website.

Take a look at ours!



Vision and Brand

Small businesses originate from creative visions. The key is to not lose that vision when communicating with your followers on social media. Allow for your posts to communicate with your followers, your brand vision and what your business strives to achieve. You can even do so with a simple catch-phrase which you can implement in your bios, headers, and taglines.

A vision we continue to live by and include on our social media is,

“Engaging Customers. Delivering Results.”



Creative Posting

Reaching your audience is important throughout various social media platforms, whether that might be through LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. Oftentimes, the same posting style doesn’t provide you with the same reach consistently throughout all your platforms, which is why you implement something we like to call, creative posting! Take the same content you would like your followers to interact with, and implement it into different types of posts all throughout your social media platforms. For example, say you want to ask your followers their favorite type of post, you want to publish the same question through different mediums to best get your audience to interact with you.

Take a look below!



Post Regularly

Developing social media pages for small businesses takes time and patience. Creating a consistent social media publishing schedule is important to keep your business well-known and active in the online community. Not only will your followers acknowledge your presence, they’ll be more willing to reach out to you! Overtime, you’ll see constant and steady development in likes, comments, and shares on your posts, but remember, only with consistent posting!

You’ll find Social Clover Marketing’s social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all five days of the week!


There you have it! Social media success right at your fingertips. Learn the right balance and understanding of both your content and your followers to develop the perfect social media presence for your small business. Let us know how these tips helped you develop your social media pages by commenting below on this blog!

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