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Social Clover Marketing Social Media Expert Berks County

How’s your Social Media Game?

Social media is an essential part of doing business in today’s world. How do you stack up? Here are some essential dos and don’ts to consider….

  1. DO be sure to complete and update your social page profiles. Have you filled out every last query when setting up your account and page? Have you checked everything recently to see that your older account information is still correct? It’s essential that your profiles are a reflection of your business today.
  2. DO keep business and personal accounts separate. Your business page is not the place for voicing political views and other possibly polarizing opinions. If you do this on your personal page, be sure that it is viewed by only those individuals you want to share that information with.
  3. DO post regularly. Don’t spread yourself too thin by having so many accounts that you can’t keep up. Choose your platforms strategically and then keep up with them by engaging with your followers frequently.
  4. DO interact with your audience. That doesn’t mean just posting and moving on. Keep your content fresh by mixing things up with photos, contests, video, and always stay tuned to comments you receive and reply to them, and any messages you may receive.
  5. DO put your polite hat on. Comments and feedback you receive via social media will not always be positive. It’s important to recognize that and to handle any criticism you receive with grace.
  6. DO customize your content. Tailor what you post to your audience and to the social media platform you’re using. What you post to Facebook or Twitter will certainly not always be the same as what you share to TikTok or Instagram.
  7. DON’T be careless with spelling and grammar. You want to represent your business in a professional manner. While social media can be more casual and conversational, your content should come across as carefully crafted and should be free of errors.
  8. DON’T go crazy with hashtags. While hashtags have their place, they should be used with purpose as overuse can make your posts resemble spam. To that end, too many hashtags can make a post just plain difficult to read.
  9. DO give shout-outs. Love another business on the same social media platform? Give them a shout out and tag them. Kindness is always a good idea.
  10. DON’T let social media overtake your day. It’s true that it’s easy to get overwhelmed in a sea of social media posts. Don’t agonize over what to post day after day, and don’t get bogged down in newsfeeds. Give the task to a professional if it’s too much to tackle on your own or if there isn’t a designated person on staff to handle it.

Looking for some advice? Reach out for our free marketing and social media audit. Connect with us at 610.223.7102 or online at socialclovermarketing.com.


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