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Social Clover Marketing

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Swipe. Click. Scroll. Double tap. Whether it’s the new iPhone that just came out, or the start of girl scout cookie season, you saw it first on your cell-phone.

2020 has been a roller coaster in terms of the dramatic changes that have occurred in the way goods and services are now purchased and delivered. Along with 2021 comes new marketing trends that will cater to the new needs and habits of consumers like me and you.

So tell me, with such a competitive online presence, how do you plan on making your business stand out from others? How will you stay relevant amongst all the outpouring banter of diverse consumers? I’ll tell you how, here are the marketing trends you should look for in 2021…

Embrace the Shift! After 2020, it isn’t the most convenient to function only as a brick and mortar store. Shifting to provide online products and services through e-commerce will attract the attention you need and your consumers crave. Now you say, well how? Just ask! Survey your customers and figure out their wants and needs. Next, determine how you will fulfill their needs through the right channel. Advertise your brand by catering to the right target market and engaging them in this new and exciting experience!

Successful SEO! At this point you’re wondering, “how do I know what my consumers want?” Easy! Determine their likes and interests by conducting a successful SEO search. (pstt… don’t know how? That’s exactly what we’re here for!) Especially with the new search options provided by Instagram, any user can search for a specific word or phrase using the ‘hashtag search feature’ on the app. Conducting an SEO search will most likely give you an idea as to what your consumers are looking for in terms of the goods and services you can provide for them, overall making your job a piece of cake!

Master Mobile Marketing! According to research conducted by King Online University, the average American will tap, swipe, and click on their phones about 2,617 times per day. Mobile purchasing has led to a massive increase over the last few years. Users are less likely to reach for their laptop when they have access to the ‘one-click’ buy button right under their fingertips. So what do you do, you master mobile marketing! I can’t tell you how many times a web page fails to load completely on a mobile screen or when the ‘checkout’ button can’t fit on the screen. Small mistakes in proper marketing can lead to a deficit in the number of consumers purchasing from a site.

Become a Pro at Social Media! On average, there are around 7.8 billion people in the whole world. Out of those, 3.8 billion are social media users.  However, the average person only meets 80,000 people throughout the span of their lives. Social media is a new form of modern marketing which has taken over the world! Developing a social media site for your business will not only expand your market, but expose you to more diverse target audiences. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Reach out and let us help you develop a strong social media presence!

As you can see, marketing in and of itself will change as 2021 approaches. The new year will bring on new trends that will live on as circumstances change and develop. Here at Social Clover Marketing, we are excited to guide you through that change and help you market your business in any way possible. Bring on the change and drive in results!

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