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2020 has been a year which has impacted small businesses in many different ways. If you’re looking to improve your existing small business or even start your own new venture, these small business tips are sure to improve your small business game!

#1. Have a Website

Make an impressive first impression with a website! Small businesses tend to believe that they aren’t large enough to actually need a website, however, your customers are most likely going to Google your company to see if they can find a way to contact or meet with you. Creating a website not only increases your availability, but gives you a chance to display the products and services your company offers.



#2. Are you on Social Media?

In this day and age, social media is the hub for connecting with others and looking for company information. In 2019, marketers have spent more than 89 billion dollars alone on social media marketing and advertising. Social media platforms give small businesses the power to reach their target market, engage potential customers, and connect with their existing client base right at the touch of their fingertips.



#3. Set Up a Google My Business

Increase your availability by being Google friendly! Some questions to ask yourself are… “is my business address linked to Google Maps?”“is my business available to review?”, and if so, “is my business responding to customer reviews?”. Having your business linked to Google will not only increase your reputability and availability, but also show to your customers that you are aware of their needs and wants, by responding to them. All you have to do is create a Google My Business account and enter in your business demographics, such as address, phone number, linked website, etc. Make sure you add in all the products and services your business has to offer, alongside primary and secondary business categories which will ensure a wide target market for your business. Click here to learn more on how you can set up your own Google My Business account!



#4. Attract by Advertising 

Creating various forms of paid advertising allows for your business to get its name out there. A great tip is to test out your ads on different online channels. If your ads are performing well on one channel compared to another, you can just ‘turn off’ your ad on that particular channel. Another tip is to utilize and create awareness for the different types of ads which are available and which ones effectively apply to your business; for example, social media ads, search engine ads, retargeting ads, or display ads.



#5. Just ask for help!

Most of the time, your online marketing presence is being maintained by you, or someone in your company who may not know how to create the right online presence for your business. So… just ask for help! Allowing room for professional marketing help will not only increase awareness for your brand, but will definitely lift some weight off your shoulders!



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