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The Future of Marketing

The marketing world is forever evolving. By the time you finish reading this blog, there will be algorithm changes, new app updates released, and many, many new trends for you to hop on! The future of marketing is something we can predict but not fully calculate due to the rapidly evolving world of technology we live in. With that being said, here are 5 trends we believe will be the highlight of digital marketing in 2023:


Short Video Content

Video content is the future of marketing. In fact, video content is more engaging than text, and it’s more mobile friendly than text. According to a HubSpot research study, about “90% of marketers using short-form video will increase or maintain their investment next year.” TikToks, Reels, and Snapchat stories are popular forms of short video content which you will be seeing much more of this coming year.


Social Media as Customer Service

Social media is one of the best ways to reach your customers. It’s also an excellent tool for providing customer service, product support and company updates.

Social media allows you to interact with your audience in real time, which makes it easier for them to find answers and make a purchase decision. For example, if someone has a question about a product or service they’ve purchased from you before, they can ask their question directly through the platform instead of emailing the business and waiting for a response.

Believe it or not, social media creates a form of trust between you and your customer and they are more likely to ask for help there.


Mobile Friendly = Consumer Friendly

According to a research study, “the typical user spends around 37 hours per month accessing material on their mobile device, and 51% of users check their applications 110 times daily”. In fact, the average user checks their phone 150 times a day —that’s five times more than they check their email! If your business isn’t mobile-friendly and you want to reach these customers now or in the future (or both), it’s time to start thinking about making some changes.


Artificial Intelligence

AI is great at connecting consumers to the exact right products and messages.

AI can help you market your products better. Algorithms determine the social media posts you engage with, the search results you see and even the ads displayed to you on any given day. With the way AI is developing, it’ll only be a matter of time where almost every site has some sort of AI integration embedded into it.


Focus on your Foundations

With all the hype around the metaverse and AI, it’s easy to get distracted by what’s next. But if you want to succeed in marketing today, your focus should be on your foundation.

The foundations of your marketing strategy include SEO (search engine optimization), website design and development, social media presence and digital ads —all of which are still very much needed in order to reach your target market.


Marketing is changing, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be a great opportunity for you to invest in your business and create something new. With so many options out there today, marketing strategies need to be flexible and adaptable. We hope this article has given you some ideas on how best to apply these principles for your own business!


Interested on how to get started? We’re here for you. Let’s chat! Reach out to us at 610.223.7102 or online at socialclovermarketing.com —don’t forget to sign up to receive your FREE social media audit!

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